Tightrope is a NYC based furniture, lighting, and homewares company, specializing in handcrafted goods made from solid wood, metal, glass, and ceramics.

The design workshop was founded in 2013 by Victoria Young and Quang Hong, both artists turned designers.

They broke away from the norm
to create a company
that questioned the
possibilities of the industry
and led them to wonder...

What if you really know where your furniture and lighting is made, and who actually crafts it?

We believe it is important to be truly transparent about our products. From the designers and artists to the makers, we want to connect you to our team and best practices (with sometimes even behind-the-scenes workshop snippets via our social media). Feel confident knowing that every handcrafted piece is made right here, all under one roof, in our Brooklyn NYC workshop.

What if there doesn’t have to be a hierarchy of designers and makers, and instead a collaborative design workshop?

Tightrope is founded on thinking differently; that it's OK to question industry norms and challenge the practices that no longer make sense. We work in a supportive environment - one that encourages our team to cooperate, collaborate, and never stop learning. This is why our logo is the Push-Me-Pull-You. We believe that a balance of skills, backgrounds, and personalities all make for a better company and community.

What if custom, bespoke furniture and lighting was more accessible?

Have you ever thought, “why can’t I find that perfect piece?”
Tightrope works on custom projects both big and small. From large lighting installations to custom branding our wooden dice, we are up for the challenge. We provide attention to detail into every bespoke project. We think everyone should have furniture and lighting that they love.

To inquire about your custom project:
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What if high quality furniture could not only be long lasting, but also non-toxic and sustainable?

In an effort to end the “throw-away” culture, Tightrope takes great pride in the materials used in our pieces. We strive to make long-lasting products from locally sourced sustainable materials using low environmental impact techniques. From hand-selecting each piece of domestic lumber, to imagining new product lines that help reduce waste, to finding non-toxic alternative finishes, our team is conscientious in every aspect of the creation process.

What if a company maintains industry standards, but knows when to respectfully question them?

The idea of balance runs throughout Tightrope. We find there is room to both embrace innovation and honor craftsmanship of the past. Tightrope takes pride in being a woman and minority owned and operated company. We find it important to empower a diverse team and continue the movement to redefine outdated industry roles. Our design workshop is ever-evolving as we aim to be more creative, thoughtful, environmentally, and socially responsible.

What if there was a new generation of heirlooms?

Furniture that moves with you, time and time again. We’re not interested in making furniture, lighting, and home goods that’ll be thrown to the curb on your next move. We design and build quality pieces intended to last your lifetime and beyond. Think of it as a new generation of heirloom; one that you can love now and pass down to younger generations later.