Tightrope Co-Founder, Victoria Young chats more on our shared promotion with Rhode Island based Beehive Handmade, and her top ten favorite things about them...

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I first met Beehive Handmade when we were both exhibiting in the Handmade section of NY NOW in 2016.  I was immediately drawn to their metal work and honeycomb-obsessed designs.  After that, we continued to cross paths at design events and trade shows.  There are many reasons I love and admire this brand, so let's get to it!

1. The brand was founded by two partners who are IRL partners!  Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli are artists, makers, and the brilliant minds behind the brand.  By combining their mutual love of making, they have established a brand with a clear style and ethos.

2. Everything is handmade!  These are two people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.  Each product is a hand fabricated original made in their silversmithing and design workshop based in Rhode Island.

3. Their products are sustainably crafted!  Beehive Handmade uses environmentally safe materials such as lead-free pewter, porcelain, and wood.  Also by handcrafting their products, they use sustainable techniques instead of toxic processes of manufacturing.

4. They love custom work too!  Like us, Beehive Handmade understands people love owning personalized items.  From custom engravings to custom products, find out what Beehive Handmade can make for you.  Click this link for their Contact page.

5. Bringing style (and substance) back into the kitchen!  One of my favorite things about this brand is how they blend their style with their craftsmanship.  There's something about high quality handmade products that make you feel like you just bought an heirloom piece.  You know it'll be a beloved item you can pass on to posterity.

6. They are bee-obsessed!  Beehive Handmade has embraced the bee as their mascot for many reasons.  Bees are industrious, hard working, and cooperative.  They are also one of the few makers of the animal kingdom!  This brand not only identifies with the humble bee but also includes bee imagery in their products.  Their Honeycomb Candlesticks might be my favorite bee-themed product.

7. There's something for the whole family!  From the littlest to the biggest, they have a product for everyone.  There are spoons, cups, and keepsakes for baby and kids.  There's upscale kitchenware for the chef or baker in need.  They even have a jewelry line too!

8. They share behind-the-scenes videos!  As you can probably tell from Tightrope's Instagram, I love a good behind-the-scenes video.  Beehive Handmade also shares videos that provide a peek into their various making processes.  Check them out here!

9. Their packaging is both beautiful and eco-friendly!  Sure, packaging can be boring and ends up in the bin, but good packaging makes you excited for what's hidden inside.  Beehive Handmade keeps it simple yet classy with kraft boxes that include gorgeous copper lettering, shredded kraft paper, and other eco-friendly, recyclable materials.  

10. Their website is gorgeous!  Beehive Handmade may be a small business, but you wouldn't know it looking at their website.  It's clean, easy to navigate, and reflects their aesthetic perfectly.  Click here and take a look for yourself!

Just a reminder: Beehive Handmade and Tightrope have teamed up to offer our customers 20% off on our online stores.  Use promo code HANDMADE at checkout to take 20% off your whole order at Tightrope, and 20% off all Kitchen & Entertaining products at Beehive Handmade.  Limit one use per order.  All sales are final.  Offer expires December 16th, 2018. 

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